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Residential Computer Services

We offer affordable computer support solutions for residential clients. When your computer is running slow or even worse fails, we definitely understand the frustration and concern.

C - Inc., I.T. can provide sound solutions that will address the current and future needs so that your computer is stable, reliable and running smooth!

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PC Tune-Up & Support

Slow PC performance can be a result of several different possibilities. Unwanted add-on software like search toolbars, advertising, or even worse malware or viruses.

We offer a 10pt PC Efficiency Checklist that will determine how best to increase system performance.

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Virus Protection & Removal

PREVENTION, PREVENTION, PREVENTION! In today's world of hackers, spammers, trojans, worms, backdoors... OK... we'll stop now.

As you can see, the need to have proper protection for your computer is important. C - Inc., I.T. makes PREVENTION a priority and can outfit your system with all the necessary tools for your pc protection and efficiency.

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Small Office / Home Office (SOHO) Networking

Do you have more than one computer in the house? Are the kids always needing to use your computer to print?

We also specialize in setup of home network systems, internet provider modems, wireless routers, firewall & security testing.

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Data Backups

Are you protecting your important data including documents, home videos or timeless photos?

Data loss happens a lot more often than you would think. Unfortunately backup planning gets under-rated but disasters like power surges, acts of vandalism, or even small fires can destroy technology and precious information.

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C-Inc., I.T. - Website Designs & I.T. Services - Peripheral Accessory Setup Support

Accessory Setup

Peripherals or accessories such as keyboards, mice, printers, web cams, monitors, external hard drives are usually simple to setup.

We can verify that all of your peripherals or accessories are using the latest drivers and running at best performance.

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Consultations & Training

Need help with some of the software on your computer like Microsoft's Office products Word, Excel, Outlook, & Power Point.

C - Inc., I.T. offers on/off site consultations and training for a large number of software programs.

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PC Security

Home computer security is not a task to take lightly. Is there multiple users, encrypted passwords, wireless access, etc...

Our 10-pt security checklist can determine where changes need to be made.

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