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Accessory Setup

Peripherals or accessories such as keyboards, mice, printers, webcams, monitors and external hard drives are usually simple to setup. Occasionally there are issues that require a tweak here or there which is where we come in.
We can verify that all of your peripherals or accessories are using the latest drivers and running at best performance.

Most of these updates can be done remotely and for minimal cost.

Below is a list of just some of the peripherals we can support but please feel free to contact us if you do not see a specific piece of equipment.

There are a few procedures that can help to optimize peripheral performance and longevity. These procedures should be performed every 6-8 months or as needed.

  1. Update the device firmware every 6 months. Manufacturers are continually offering firmware updates for computer peripherals that can significantly enhance the performance of any peripheral device.

  2. Clean peripheral devices as needed. Dirt, dust and debris can impact the performance of peripheral devices.

  3. Follow the manufacturers recommended maintenance schedule. This information can typically be found in the operating manual included with documentation that came with the device at the time of purchase.

  4. Adhere to the manufacturer's recommended best practices.
    • Power down or turn off the device when not in use. When left on, devices, such as printers and hard drives, will wear out much more quickly.
    • Protect devices from moisture and extreme heat. Stacking devices, placing them too close to other devices or heat sources, and storing devices in moist or humid environments can cause significant damage.

  5. Use the recommended device settings. Follow the operating instructions specific to the task the device is being used for. For example, when printing photos from a multi-function printer, confirm that you are using the correct settings and media as recommended by the manufacturer.

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