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Design Services

Getting to know your business and how to increase that business is our top priority. We are experts in the ability to establish or in rich your marketing portfolio.

As such we offer a full gambit of design services including...

Professional branding is what distinguishes a company apart from the competition. We take great lengths to develop a consistent and cohesive profile for all of our cliental. Business Cards, Letterhead, Thank You Cards, Full Catalog Designs, Brochures and much, much more!

C-Inc., I.T. - 651.387.6401

Fun & Special Events

Need something unique for a special event? New Arrivals, Anniversaries, Special Announcements are all well within our realm of capabilities!

Glamfant Magazine CoverQ36 Space Chronicles Magazine CoverSweet & Sassy Magazine Cover

Promotional Services

Looking for that new cool item for the company party, family event or charity organization? We can help from concept to reality!

We can put your logo on a wide array of promotional products from typical apparel and stationary items as well as buttons, bling pins, patches, coins, medals, lapel pins and much much more!

Name & Bag Tags
2012 Junior Royalty Name Tag2012 Winter Carnival Royal Family Name Tag2012 Winter Carnival Royal Family Bag Tag
Embroidery & Woven Patches
2012 Winter Carnival Boreas Rex PatchFooth Automotive Woven Patch

Sticky Appliques
2012 Winter Carnival Westwind Cowboy Hat Applique2012 Winter Carnival Eastwind Geenie Lamp Applique2012 Winter Carnival Northwind Snowflake Applique
Rhinestone Bling Pins
Bern-A-Lisa Bling PinBRex76 Bling PinJust Sayin Bling PinSpirit of 76 Bling PinVRex76 Bling Pin

Challenge & Memorial Coins
Promotional Challenge & Memorial Coins
Lapel & Other Pins
Promotional Lapel Pins

Event & Festival Buttons
2012 Vulcan EB Button2012 Winter Carnival Queen of Snows Button2013 Vulcan EB Button2013 Winter Carnival Southwind Notos Button2013 Vulcan Sparky Button2012 Winter Carnival Northwind Button2012 Winter Carnival Boreas Rex Button

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