Computer Tune-Up

Slow pc performance can be a result of several different possibilities. Unwanted add-on software like search toolbars, advertising, or even worse malware or viruses.

It could also be a symptom of faulty equipment within the pc like bad RAM memory, failing motherboard or an almost full hard drive.

Just like a vehicle, a computer tune-up can help to increase performance and equipment longevity.

C-Inc., I.T. - Computer Tune-Up Services

C-Inc., I.T. Computer Tune-Up Services

Here are a few items that can be done for a computer tune-up before seeking additional technical support.

  • Remove Unnecessary Software – Unnecessary software or “bloat ware” can dramatically slow down a new PC which are included from computer manufacturers who are compensated to do so.
  • Update Windows – Windows is built so average users can install updates without help of most professionals. Some newer versions of Windows are even set to automatically install updates, so you may not have to worry about making system updates.
  • Remove Unneeded Files & Folders – After some time of computer usage there will be a build up of temporary files and unnecessary files, all of which can be deleted.
  • Run Antivirus Scans – There are a lot of antivirus programs available, Norton, McAfee, Avast, AVG (which is what we recommend) and a ton of others. AVG offers both a free and paid version which both offer superior protection.
  • Create Restore Discs – All pc computers come with pre-loaded software that allows you to create a set of recovery discs that when used will restore your computer back to the manufacturer out-of-box state. In the event of a high level virus or infection, these disc would need to be used to help restore and repair the computer.

We offer a 10pt PC Efficiency Checklist prior to the computer tune-up that will determine how best to increase system performance. Some companies just install their software to run a scan and they are done but we feel that is only part of the solution.

Using our computer tune-up checklist we are able to comprehensively determine what are the issues and concerns and from there proceed with the correct and complete solutions.

C-Inc., I.T. Computer Tune-Up Services

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