Computer Services

We specialize in affordable computer services and support to small and medium size commercial businesses in addition to home users with the focus of building one relationship at a time!

Our goal is to provide top notch services at competitive prices which allow for you to run your company or household without the worries of I.T. solutions.

Offering a wide range of services we are capable, ready and waiting to help!

C-Inc., I.T. Computer Services Tune Ups

Computer Tune-Ups

When your business depends on I.T. services, how those services perform can play an integral part of the business performance and productivity. If those services are slow, cumbersome and outdated then the business efficiency is slow, cumbersome and outdated.

Our technicians can help to survey the current systems and determine what changes to the computer services can be made to help improve the office efficiency.

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Virus Prevention & Removal

Our motto: “Prevention, Prevention, Prevention”

Experience has shown enough times in history that to be prepared is to succeed! The same is true with the world of viruses, malware, adware, botware, etc., etc.

In truth nothing is ever 100% but our technicians can guarantee that with proper computer services planning disasters from small to large will be no threat.

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C-Inc., I.T. Computer Services Virus Removal & Prevention Services

C-Inc., I.T. Computer Services Data Backup & Recovery Services

Data Backups

Are you protecting your important company or personal data or including documents, photographs, client records and financial information?

Data loss happens a lot more often than you would think. Unfortunately backup planning gets under-rated but disasters like power surges, acts of vandalism, or even small fires can destroy technology and precious information.

We can create a custom disaster recovery plan based on your companies specific computer services needs.

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Office Network

Office networks allow for the shared use of equipment and services like data and printer sharing. Networks also allow for security control over who has access to the network data and equipment. Here are some additional advantages of using an office network for your computer services.

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C-Inc., I.T. Computer Services Office Network Management Services