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Office network security is probably the most crucial element to a business I.T. infrastructure. Complete network security requires a combination of smart management decisions and an intelligent security strategy.

Here are five benefits to a secure office network.

According to leading cyber security specialists below are just some of the threat concerns that can be expected in the upcoming year!
  1. Targeted Attacks - Targeted attacks can often be highly sophisticated. But many attacks start by ‘hacking the human’, i.e. by tricking employees into disclosing information that can be used to gain access to corporate resources.

  2. More Hactivism - The hacking of the official Formula 1 website in protest against the treatment of anti-government protesters in Bahrain; the hacking of various oil companies in protest against drilling in the Arctic; the attack on Saudi Aramco; and the hacking of the French Euromillions website in a protest against gambling. Society’s increasing reliance on the Internet makes organizations of all kinds potentially vulnerable to attacks of this sort, so ‘hacktivism’ looks set to continue.

  3. Cyber Espionage - We are now entering an era of cold ‘cyber-war’, where nations have the ability to fight each other unconstrained by the limitations of conventional real-world warfare. Looking ahead we can expect more countries to develop cyber weapons.

  4. Malware - The wide use of mobile devices, while offering huge benefits to a business, also increases the risk. Cloud data can be accessed from devices that may not be as secure as traditional endpoint devices. When the same device is used for both personal and business tasks, that risk increases still further.

  5. Cyber Extortion - This year we have seen growing numbers of ransomware Trojans designed to extort money from their victims, either by encrypting data on the disk or by blocking access to the system. Until fairly recently this type of cybercrime was confined largely to Russia and other former Soviet countries. But they have now become a worldwide phenomenon, although sometimes with slightly different modus operandi.
Our 10-pt security checklist can determine where changes need to be made, while our technicians who are knowledgeable in the latest software and procedures can implement them.

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