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Data Backups

Are you protecting your important company data including documents, client records or financial information?

Data loss happens a lot more often than you would think. Unfortunately backup planning gets under-rated but disasters like power surges, acts of vandalism, or even small fires can destroy technology and precious information.

Here are some additional items to keep in mind regarding data backup and recovery.

Internal Drive Diagram
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Mechanical failures can be just as devastating as environmental disasters.

Physical or internal hard drive failure is the result of 80% of data loss. Just like an old fashion record player, an hard drive has internal "platters" or records which have needles or a "head" that read and write the data to sectors on each platter. The more data on the hard drive the more area the needles have to search to find the correlating information for the user.

As a result keeping old files deleted and general file maintenance help to improve system performance and stability. In the event of internal failures, there are procedures that can be performed to attempt to recover the data. The process is technical, costly and labor intensive similar to replacing a car engine.

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Backup copies should include an off-site option.

There are more reasons to maintain proper backups than just mechanical failures. Environment disaster can also put important data in jeopardy without proper backup solutions. Multiple backup copies with one set being stored off-site or on a cloud storage service is highly recommended.

We offer a maintenance contract service that will assure that your important data is safe and secure. We establish a 3 set system using 1 set as the live editable version, a 2nd set as the local in house backup. And the 3rd being the offsite data files.

Properly scheduled backups configured correctly.

Determining the correct backup schedule is an important part of the backup process. Are the backups running late at night? Do the computers have to be left on? Can they run during the day?

If possible most backups are run late at night when the equipment is not in use. Depending on the company and individual needs they can be set to run during the day. In these cases a "File-In-Use Backup" software solution is best so the system will backup any file whether in use or not.

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Verify data integrity of backups.

Backup and recovery management is not a magic wand that solves every problem. Data validation and integrity are a crucial element to the backup process. After all what good is it to run backups if the data is un-retrivable?

Data Integrity means... Consistent & Accurate Data Information!

Unless there is time taken to verify the backup data integrity, then there is no guarantee your important information is safe and secure.

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Create a recovery action plan so it is clear who will be called, what will be done and how long it should take.

An information technology disaster recovery plan (IT DRP) should establish recovery strategies to restore hardware, application and data in time to meet the needs of the individual client. Using a Business Impact Analysis survey to determine the consequences of disruption to a business function, we can gather information needed to develop a proper recovery strategy.

In the event of an environment disaster the plan to recovery your important information will be in please and ready to go at a moments notice.

C-Inc., I.T. provides several backup & recovery support options based on system and user requirements.

Starting with a full network analysis we are able to establish protocols based on total number of workstations, servers, software and total data size. Using this information we can create a custom backup and recovery plan that fits the specific needs of client. Our "3-Set" backup system establishes 3 sets of data to guarantee proper data retention.

  1. Local Live Editable Data
  2. Local On-Site Consolidation & Backup
  3. Backup Duplication to secure off-site location.

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