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Virus Prevention & Removal

Our motto: "Prevention, Prevention, Prevention"

Experience has shown enough times in history that to be prepared is to succeed! The same is true with the world of viruses, malware, adware, botware, etc., etc.

In truth nothing is ever 100% but our technicians can guarantee that with the proper planning disasters from small to large will be no threat.

C-Inc., I.T. - Website Designs & I.T. Services - Virus Removal & Protection Specialists

The following symptoms are all signs of a virus, malware or root kit infection.
C-Inc., I.T. - Website Designs & I.T. Services - FBI Locked Computer Virus - Removal & Prevention Specialists

Online virus/trojan cleaning software for the most part are all scams charging high fees and delivering fake or faulty software. In our experience each situation is unique requiring a unique solution.

Our technicians determine those solutions, help to implement them and prevent further infections.

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“I’ve worked with multiple “computer experts” over the years, but the best choice by far has been deciding to work with C–Inc., I.T. Ramey Cortinas is exceptionally reliable, very knowledgeable and what I appreciate best, are that his practical and common sense solutions perfectly fit the needs of my office.”

- John Kempe, Family First Law Office

"I have worked with Ramey from C-Inc., I.T. for the past couple years. When I call, I get Fast, quality service, at a reasonable price! Ramey comes to my house, listens to my issues and either makes the fix or takes the computer and delivers it when its fixed. I know no matter how small or large an issue, it will be taken care of. I really appreciate Ramey’s patience in helping me understand what is wrong with my computer and what it will take to get it fixed. Thanks Ramey!"

- Amy Boche

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